SAM Aerator-Mixer “Advanced Aeration-Mixing Technology”

sam1AquaTec’s SAM (Submersible Aerator-Mixer) is a combination aeration and mixing device which operates submerged in a liquid in a tank or lagoon and is normally used in wastewater aeration and bio-mass mixing. The basic principal is that of a slow speed impeller that has a hollow hub, through which process air is pumped to allow maximum distribution of the air into the surrounding mass of liquid. This air-water mixing and interface also increases the oxygen transfer and intimate contact with substrate to enhance the overall biological synthesis and improves CBOD removal. The principal of “turbine” aerator design is very well established in the wastewater process industry. For variable speed powered SAM units, it is unique for the “turbine” to be torque sensitive with an “intelligent” driver, which senses the load on the impeller and self-adjusts the impeller speed and/or the power draw of the electric motor.  This allows for 100% of the process air to be introduced to the SAM impeller, or supply only a percentage of the total available air, or supply no air at all… to mix only. All this is done by the preset load selection chosen for the VFD used in controlling the SAM units. Therefore, the SAM can be left to take care of itself… as the VFD response to the air/water mixture determines the impeller speed, and therefore the SAM is able to manage the aeration and mixing as totally independent functions without service personnel being required… if Dissolved Oxygen pacing is used, likewise the SAM unit can maintain the preset D.O. level without losing the Biomass mixing at any process air input level, which is impossible with diffused air systems alone… especially if anoxic cycling is required. The VFD also protects the motor from numerous fault problems.  The Photos below show more AquaTec SAM units.

sam6 sam5
sam3 sam4 sam7

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