International: "Serving Customers World Wide"

shippictAquaTec has considerable experience with Design and Construction of multi-million dollar wastewater treatment systems for international facilities. 

If you are simply upgrading your existing system or building a new facility from the ground up; or, if you are considering the potential benefit of using new technologies, you will want to contact AquaTec for their suggestions. AquaTec has proven its fast-track capabilities for providing unique custom designs for environmental services to locations outside of the North American continent. A proposal for you to compare with other vendor's offers will benefit you with both value analysis and a cross-check of technical accuracy for your application.

AquaTec Modular Design Capability

Ask about AquaTec's special modular designs for complete wastewater treatment plants! These systems are containerized for shipment to anywhere (Worldwide) and they are specifically designed for quick assembly and commissioning. We can even include electrical power supply where required.


AquaTec "Upgrade Packages" Containerized for Immediate Use

AquaTec can supply "Ready-To-Assemble" equipment packages for upgrading all types of wastewater processes. For example, MBR components for expansion of "throughput" in existing tanks; high-efficiency diffused air packages, submerged turbine Aerator-Mixers, clarifiers, filtration packages, SBR retrofit packages, sludge handling and dewatering packages, lagoon aeration equipment packages, deep tank systems (with tanks), and many other process equipment packages. Special control packages are also available.

>AquaTec welcomes inquiries for Worldwide Business Relationships<

int-photo2If you want to build it... and need expert engineering design support (process and system complete) and "one vendor" supply responsibility, AquaTec is your source. We can team up with you and together we can provide the fastest and most successful system at the best "installed" cost.


>AquaTec welcomes Distributor/Representative (Agency) Inquiries<


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