AquaTec Products...

Aeration Systems
>Diffused Air
>Mechanical Aerators
>Submerged Turbine (SAM)
>SAM Pure Oxygen Aeration

Anaerobic Systems
>All Component and system hardware, Controls and ancillary items

>Positive Displacement

>Circular & Rectangular
>Inclined Plate Settlers

DAF (Air Flotation)
>Custom DAF units
>Flocculation Systems
>Chemical Feed Systems

Disinfection Systems
>UV Systems

>Process and Tertiary
>Automatic Backwash
>Gravity Sand Filters
>Pressure Filters
>UF and RO Membranes

>Grit Separation Systems
>Coarse Primary Screens
>Fine Screens (MBR apps)
>Solids Compactors
>In Channel Systems
>Packaged Systems

MBR Systems

>All Component and system hardware, Controls and ancillary items

The Products on this page are Manufactured or Supplied by AquaTec for its customers as a "Purchased Product," or as included in a "Design/Build Project" that AquaTec has installed as a part of a project or as component of an AquaTec "Turnkey" complete system. Click the Group Heading to view "flash slides" of the Products. More information can be obtained on the Download Page or by Contacting AquaTec.

Mixing Equipment
>Floating Direct Drive
>Side Entry/Top Entry
>Horizontal Directional Flow
>SAM Mixer/Air-Gas Injection

>AquaTec Air/Gas Mixers

Pumps and Pump Stations
>All Types of Process Pumps
>Built In Place Pump Stations
>Air-Lift Pumps

Package Treatment Systems
>MBR (Membrane) Plants
>SMF (Submerged Media) Plants
>MLE Package Plants
>Conventional Package Plants
>Modular Systems
>Components for Existing Tanks

Process Tanks
>Steel Bolted and Field Welded
>Concrete Built in Place
>Fiberglass and Plastic
>Fire Protection
>Water Storage
>Tank Covers and Decks
>Underground and Elevated
>Site Work and Foundations

SBR Systems
>All Component and system hardware, Controls and ancillary items

Sludge Dewatering
>Belt Filter Presses
>Screw Press Systems
>Gravity Thickening Bags
>Solids Compactors
>Chemical Treatment Aids

Standby Power Generators/Controls
>All Types as Needed for Plant

Product Headings that "highlight" when the mouse is moved over them are "clickable" and the "non-highlighted" headings are in the process of being updated and wil soon be avaialble for your viewing... as of Jan 7, 2008

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AquaTec is a Full Services Company. When you purchase products and services from AquaTec, you get the advantage of expert application engineering and equipment/systems installation and operator training to make sure your product or system is properly applied and installed.

AquaTec is the Manufacturer of many of the products listed on this page. Some products are purchased from reputable vendor OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers); with whom AquaTec has valued long term business associations with. AquaTec's 35 years of experience, plus its selected Vendor network, assures you unrivalled and dependable product responsibility in the Wastewater Treatment Industry.

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