AquaTec Corporate Services...

Systems Engineering:

AquaTec has a staff of engineers experienced in all disciplines of environmental control systems, backed by extensive R & D and 35-years of company experience to assist in designing plants to meet client needs. AquaTec can provide assistance tailored to your exact individual needs... our clients reap the benefits of expertise built from a variety of projects. The following is a list of engineering services offered by AquaTec:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Permit Assistance
  • Contract Documents
  • Construction Supervision
  • Construction Management
  • Complete System Designs
  • Process & Operation Training for Client Operators
  • Financial Planning & Funding Assistance
  • Water reuse and by-product recovery
  • Troubleshooting existing systems to locate problems
  • Process consultation
  • Startup of new plants
  • Energy use evaluations
  • Sludge (solids) reduction and disposal systems
  • Anaerobic by-product gas recovery and reuse

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Construction Services:

AquaTec's specialized turnkey construction capabilities are uniquely geared for environmental projects. Construction know-how, experience and accurate timeline scheduling of each phase of a project from design stage... procurement and fabrication of material and equipment... production scheduling... quality control... competent supervision of installation and startup, assures the client of a project built within budget and, just as important, completed on schedule. Whatever your construction need, AquaTec stands ready to respond. Call or write today... a bid you can build on. The following list is a partial example of AquaTec Construction Services:

  • General Contracting services available for environmental systems on a turnkey basis
  • Erection of specialized concrete and steel tanks and structures
  • Complete mechanical and process piping services
  • Complete electrical construction services
  • Operation and maintenance services available for plant facilities
  • Controls programming and system setup and monitoring

Equipment and System Components:

AquaTec offers a single source responsibility for equipment, components, controls, and materials. Through OEM arrangements, AquaTec has available standard equipment selected to meet process requirements. For specialized components, we have access to full manufacturing capability to fabricate specialty items. This combination gives AquaTec the ability to respond to your equipment and material needs rapidly and effectively. The following is a partial list of equipment and components offered on an individual basis by AquaTec:

  • Headworks and solids separation systems
  • Clarifiers of all types
  • Custom Tanks, concrete, steel, plastic and fiberglass
  • Filtration equipment for process and effluent polishing
  • Custom built pump and lift stations
  • Contact reactors, submerged medial and fixed film
  • Anaerobic Treatment systems
  • SBR Plants
  • MBR Plants
  • Physical-Chemical treatment systems
  • All types of Aeration Systems
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Custom Electrical Controls
  • Custom Fabricated equipment
  • Packaged Treatment Plants
  • Dissolved air flotation units
  • Sludge dewatering equipment
puutilities1 The Plant Shown at the left is an example of a "Build it Your Way" Treatment plant using all state of the art modern technology... producing Class A effluent for reuse as Golf course irrigation. The plant is all underground with only the equipment and service facilities located above ground, and built to "fit" into the neighborhood with high quality esthetic design.

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