Industrial & Commercial Wastewater Treatment

eng-designbldIndustrial wastewater management is a real challenge for business owners; the objective to meet (and grow with) changing production, regulatory limits, and rising cost for labor and power, which constantly drain both capital and personnel resources, are complex issues that require expert handling. AquaTec has over 35-years of hands on "up close and personal" experience with a great variety of commercial and industrial wastewater types... Our experience can be leveraged to your benefit by AquaTec providing you an in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of your present system and future targets for treating your process water... oftentimes, and where desirable, some or all of your wastewater can be reused or handled otherwise for reducing raw water intake, which in turn can lower effluent impact cost.


AquaTec's Industrial and Commercial Client Industry Types:

  • Food Processors
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Meat & Poultry Plants
  • Egg Processors
  • Grain Milling & Ethanol
  • Dairy Plants
  • Textile Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Leechate (Landfill wastes)
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Land and Subdivision Developments
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Convenience Stores
  • Campgrounds
  • Mining Industry
  • Rendering Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Plant "footprint" impact on site use
  • Suitable facilities for "good neighbor" relationsindplt1jpg
  • Maximizing process efficiency for lowest power cost and fewer solids (sludge disposal)
  • "Build out" schedule for production increases or developer planning (lot sales)
  • Labor cost reduction with custom controls for automated system operation
  • Effluent suitability for stream or sewer discharge; legal and financial implications
  • Vendor performance; who will guarantee equipment functionality and process performance?
  • Engineering and Construction responsibility... who do you call when problems surface?
  • Who will represent you at regulatory level... who, has the expertise to speak professionally in your behalf?
  • Who will guarantee "all the above" at the project price without cost escalations?

AquaTec can Design, Build and Commission your facility on schedule and for the lowest cost...

Or, if you simply need hardware or system upgrades, AquaTec has the equipment and can provide installation services.

AquaTec is a fully staffed and qualified supplier of Process equipment, Engineering, Construction and System Operations support... You benefit by working with a "one source" provider that understands your objectives and teams up with you to accomplish both your goals and ours... Repeat business with returning clients has been AquaTec's foundation of success.

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