AquaTec Engineered Anaerobic Treatment Systems

AquaTec anaerobic process design experience is field proven using both conventional and special hybrid processes.

Why Should You Choose AquaTec's Anaerobic Design?

  • AquaTec design is a very energy efficient Biogas recovery system
  • AquaTec has a proven performance history on different waste typesnbpclintonjpg
  • AquaTec has in-depth experience building dual stage systems, with SBR's and conventional processes following high-rate anaerobic reactors
  • AquaTec custom builds Anaerobic Systems using all types of vessels
  • AquaTec can build your system for less cost
  • AquaTec will guarantee the success of your system
  • AquaTec can often show "zero cash flow increase" on system purchase
  • AquaTec can assist in providing financing source for lease or purchase
  • See more information in AquaTec's Anaerobic Brochure

Advantages of AquaTec's Anaerobic treatment Technology

  • Better process stability to handle shock loads due to long HRT and SRT and larger Biomass inventory
  • Ability to remain dormant for weeks at a time but ready for quick startupplant1jpg
  • Ability to handle high strength wastes without pre-dilution or equalization
  • No separate clarifier required
  • Very low suspended solids in the effluent
  • Lower sludge disposal cost due to longer storage, greater digestion and reduced waste solids quantity
  • Typically, minimal chemicals or nutrients required
  • Larger and more uniform Biogas production
  • Reduced operation requirements
  • Confined systems lower risk for odor and neighbor complaints
  • Less concern for climate conditions effect

Contact AquaTec for your Anaerobic options... get the best for less!

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